Website mirrors: what are they and how they can be used in betting

Marita Movsisyan


Mirror websites: what are they and how they can be used in betting

Many bookmaking brands, including large ones, in addition to the main Internet resource, develop a mirror site (or several such mirrors). The “backup” portal is used by players to solve problems of access to the main service and is created by the bookmaker for specific purposes, about which we will talk about in the article.

What is a mirror site?

The mirror of the main site is an exact copy of the original resource, located at a different address (URL). It repeats not only the external design, but also the functionality of the service, all its possibilities for the bookmaking brands clients. In the same way as on the official website, bettors can register there, log in to their personal account, place bets, securely manage their internal balance and participate in promotions.

What sites are considered mirrors?

Clones of the main resources are secondary copies of the betting company’s website created later on another domain. They are divided into 2 types:

  • A separate portal hosted on a different hosting. Functions independently of the main resource.
  • A domain alias with the same folder on the server, but a different URL. Entering the address takes the user to the same main portal.


Usually bookmaking brands create such a mirror site, which refers to the first option. This is due to the blocking of the main service by the supervisory authorities of the country where the company has not been officially registered.

Why are mirrors needed?

Initially, exact copies of portals were created to offload servers. When a bettor spends a lot of time playing, for example, raises bets using the Martingale method, along with other users (their influx), the server is gradually overloaded. When there are too many guests on a web resource, some of them are automatically redirected to a working mirror. There they can spend as much time on sports betting as on the main resource, regardless of whether they use the Martingale strategy or not.

Nowadays, mirror portals have another purpose. They serve as a backup base for players living in countries whose supervisory authorities block illegal bookmakers.

Why are the websites of some bookmaker brands blocked?

Some clients have told the BBC they’ve had their betting accounts closed or their bets “restricted” following wins. Bookmakers say they limit bets from a minority of customers to ensure good odds are available to everyone.

Where can I find the addresses of current bookmaker mirrors?

Bookmakers are interested in new and regular customers, wherever they are, so they regularly create and distribute addresses of clone sites with the same content and functionality. Links to those can be found in different ways, the main ones among which are:

  • Subscription to the bookmaker’s mailing list. New links come by email.
  • SMS notifications from the company to the phone number specified during registration.
  • Official groups in social networks.
  • Submitting a request to the bookmaker’s support service.
  • Specialized forums dedicated to rates, gambling activities.


It is important that the link comes from a verified, trusted source. Otherwise, there is a high risk of stumbling upon fraudulent tools, phishing and virus resources.

Pros and cons of bookmaking brand mirrors

For betting enthusiasts, clone services are one of the most convenient ways to cooperate with blocked bookmakers, but they have both positive and negative sides.


Advantages Disadvantages
No need to install an application or other software on a PC or mobile gadget The risk of “running into” phishing sites of scammers, losing personal data, money
Does not require a browser extension from the bookmaker brand Unpredictable blocking time, for example, at the time of placing a bet
Standard way to open a site (only the address differ) The risk of losing money from a personal account as a result of fraudulent activities
Quick activation of a new resource after blocking, many mirrors Intrusion of a virus through a fake portal
Opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter with new addresses on clone sites Short service life duration (until Roskomnadzor detects and blocks)
High download speed, no freezes and connection interruptions (compared to proxies) Mandatory authorization every time you open the site, you need to remember the login / password
Relative security, as there are no intermediaries Constant search for new links, as sources can also be blocked


You can visually distinguish a fraudulent service from the official one, as there are inconsistencies in design, navigation errors, and overlapping information blocks on top of each other. Bookmakers never require you to send SMS to short numbers or replenish your account to unlock your account. A clear sign of fraud is the lack of access to the internal pages of the site.


Among users, a “site relocation” to another domain name is considered a mirror, the reason for which may be unloading the main server or bypassing the blocking of the main resource of the bookmaking brands (most of the time). It should be clarified that this refers to illegal actions on the part of the betting company, clone services are also identified and blacklisted by Roskomnadzor. Users are not subject to legal restrictions. This tool still remains the most convenient and easiest to visit closed resources, but it is better to request links to their copies from official sources (from the bookmaking brands support).

Frequently asked Questions

Is it safe to play through mirrors?

If an alternative resource is developed by a bookmaking brand, it exactly duplicates the options, features and personal data security protection, so you can bet on such a portal without fear.

Are there other ways to bypass blocking?

To get around the ban, just encrypt, hide or change the IP. Many tools are used for this: VPN, remote DNS servers, anonymizers, proxies, browsers with built-in VPNs. If the office has its own application, you can download it to your gadget and no longer worry about blocking.

How secure is registering through a mirror?

When following unknown links, there is always a risk of falling for scammers, so you need to carefully check the sources and site owners. If the address of the resource is obtained through the support service or the moderator of the official social group of the bookmaker, registration and further activities on the mirror portal are safe.


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