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How does the ‘User Tips’ section work?

Each tip will be posted in the correct category of the ‘User Tips’ section if it passes a test for uniqueness. In order to get onto the main ‘User Tips’ page, the tip must meet certain requirements.

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Naturally, tips that are published on the main ‘User Tips’ page will get more readers so if you want your tip to get noticed and, therefore, approved by our ‘User Tips’ analysts then please take the time and effort to make sure your predictions are both properly written and well-reasoned.

Below are the requirements that need to be met in order to get published on the ‘User Tips’ main page.

1. Correct English is important: Please write correctly using commas and full stops. Use capital letters at the start of new sentences and for the first letter of team names. Please re-read all text at least twice in order to prevent any typos/errors. It is important for all tips to be written correctly so that they can be easily read and understood by readers.

2. ‘User Tips’ isn’t like Twitter: It’s not reasonable for tips to contain just a few words/lines. All user tips need to be accompanied by at least 500 characters of supporting text. We encourage this so that readers can see the reasoning behind a tip.

3. Provide the reader with information: Your tip should contain useful information that is relevant to the bet (team statistics, recent form, playing style, missing players, etc.) The more reasoning the better. There is no one way to do this, but there must be a clear reasoning behind your tip.

4. Use reputable sources and double-check facts: Use trustworthy sources for statistics and information. It is important that the information included in your tip is correct. Misleading readers with false information will lead them to disregard your work!

5. No advertising or links: Please do not post any links or advertisements with your tips.

6. “I’ll just publish this tip quickly!” In order to allow time for your tip to be read before the event takes place, you need to publish it with plenty of time to spare – the sooner the better. However, there’s no need to rush. For example, if a team has a mid-week fixture before the weekend match you’re intending to write a tip for then wait until after the mid-week fixture has finished. We recommend publishing tips at least one day before the event takes place. If your tip is published less than four hours before the start of an event then we can guarantee that it will not appear in the ‘User Tips’ section.

Note: Tips will be checked/sorted by our moderators at regular intervals during the day.

8. Writing tips correctly.

Previews/tips should be produced as follows:

i. There must be a graphic relating to your tip, for example, a photo of the team you’re tipping or one of the top players. Ideally this must be 760 x 480 or something around that mark.

ii. Specify the correct start time of the event (UK time) and carefully fill in the other required fields. The odds field is especially important – if the price given is incorrect or not from the bookmaker selected then your tip will not be published.

9. Please do not re-post tips: We ask that users write unique tips only. If it is clear that a tip has been copied or re-posted from another site, we will not allow it to be posted on the ‘User Tips’ section at all.

10. Be sensible with your tips: Your preview should not contain more than three individual tips. Consider your options carefully and only advise what you believe to be your best bets.

Lastly, don’t forget that the most diligent tipsters will be rewarded. Not only are there cash prizes, but there’s also a paid job on our team of writers/tipsters up for grabs.

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