Lose-to-Win accumulator


The Lose-to-Win accumulator is a bet on two or more selections from various events, where you win if at least one selection does not match the result. This bet, opposite to common accumulator, is an exclusive offer from Marathon.

For example, a Lose-to-Win accumulator includes Manchester City’s win against Swansea with 1.39 odds and Chelsea’s win against West Brom with 1.23 odds. Accumulator’s odds would be 1.71. In percentage, it has 58.48 percent probability. To get Lose-to-Win accumulator odds, we should subtract 58.48 from 100 and transfer it into decimal odds. So, the Lose-to-Win accumulator receives 2.41. Either Chelsea or Manchester City should lose points (or both, of course) for the bet to win.

Marathon would offer 2.16 odds (46.3 percent probability) because of the margin. So, the bookmaker’s margin is 4.78 percent.

If the Lose-to-Win accumulator includes a bet with a possible return and the return takes place, the Lose-to-Win accumulator’s odds will rise (as the common accumulator’s odds will fall). However, one of the events will still have to lose.

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