Live analyst

Dmitry Khlestkin


Job expectations

An ideal candidate for the post of a live analyst must have:

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Higher education, preferably in maths;
An ability to assess the outcome of an event and to reflect it in the odds;
and, of course, an excellent knowledge of sports.

Training usually takes place on the spot. First, an experienced live analyst tells about the company’s inner structure, conducts a mini-course, and then gives the beginner an easiest game where the latter only needs to change the outcome, the handicap and over/under odds.

Such trial processes are observed by experienced staff. The main focus is on whether the rookie is changing the odds correctly, and doesn’t get confused.

A live analyst must have composure because top matches have a turnover of millions of pounds; if he makes mistakes he will face a fine and an explanatory note, dismissal in the worst case. Nevertheless, errors are an integral part of learning to properly lead matches.


Wages of live analysts usually consist of a salary and a bonus part. For example, a salary and a 3 percent bonus from the games’ profits (it is different with every bookmaker). Average live analyst in a Russian bookmaker earns about £1,000 a month.

The way it works

Major bookmakers usually employ specialists for one sport only, or just one particular championship (in football, basketball, tennis, hockey and other sports).

There are two kinds of leading the live-betting, manual and automatic. However, a specialist should track the change in the odds anyway. In Russia, bookmakers that lead the live-betting manually are Marathon, FON and Betcity. As of the world’s major companies, including Sbobet, Bet365, 188bet, they are largely using the automatic method. Usually, a live analyst is given up to three matches to monitor; he should change the scores and the odds.

Automatic live-betting works on the basis of a program Betradar; i.e. Betradar sends the odds that are ready to use. It is very expensive software. A live analyst just has to monitor the odds and cut them if they climb too high.

Basically, manual live-betting works the same, but a live-analyst sets the odds manually. The main thing is to find a good pre-match betting line, it’s half the battle.

Every company has its own standards to assess a live analyst’s work. On this depends the match he will get to lead. If a live analyst works well, he is more likely to receive a top match, such as Manchester United – Manchester City. Matches like this usually have a big turnover which means the bonus grows respectively.

A live analyst watches matches through a specialized program INPLAY, which has a video broadcast on almost all sports. It is important to be careful in live-betting and identify surebet punters, late betting and corridor players and mark their bets. Such cases are sent to the security department, where such accounts would be cut.

It is unlikely that someone will be able to beat or deceive the company working in accordance with such a strategy; the loss is a matter of time.

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