Gambling commissions

Dmitry Khlestkin


Gambling commissions are the regulatory body that is responsible and distributes licenses for betting firms and exchanges. They also supervise and regulate the industry to make sure firms are working within the letter of the law. Sometimes, commissions can be within a public body, such as a ministry.

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However, on the whole, commissions are not usually part of government ministries, but are created in accordance with state law. Apart from issuing licenses, commissions can also revoke licenses if they see the need. They can also implement fines, prosecute illegal gambling activities and make sure that minors and those with addictions do not use the services of betting firms. Commissions also advise the government on betting practices and also check the financial activities of gambling firms.

Commission’s can also offer recommendations to improve operations, and can implement extra conditions when thinking of granting or revoking a license or they can take measure to prevent or remedy violations that may have take place. If violations have taken place, the commission usually imposes fines, though it can also revoke licenses.

The gaming commission’s investigative division works with a number of different organizations, which include the police, if there are any suspicious betting activities, such as match fixing.

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