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About the company

Bookmakers Review is owned by the Lark Euro Media Services Ltd, and was founded in 2003. The website notes that the activities undertaken by Bookmakers Review aim to try and benefit the betting industry and gambling operators. The firm encourages its users to give their opinions about the various betting firms they use, as well as asking players to give opinions about Bookmakers Review’s website.

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Bookmakers Review has a number of different divisions: reviews, ratings, resources and forums. The reviews section includes profiles of the various online betting companies. It gives information concerning bonuses that players can obtain, as well as other promotions. There are also lists of contacts, available languages, currencies and various platforms. The reviews are constantly updated, while complaints and the opinions of the websites users are regularly taken into account.

There is a special division which is divided up according to the following criteria: the rating of the betting companies, the rating of betting exchanges, ratings of horse racing betting, and many more. There is a grading system which ranges from one to give, with five being the top mark.

In the resources section, Bookmakers Rating has three different lists, which its users can look at. In the ‘Green’ section, are sound betting companies, who the company recommends its players to use. Those in the ‘Orange’ section are deemed to be average firms, while those in the ‘Red’ section should be avoided at all costs. The section also provides useful information about organizations that can provide assistance to gamblers who have developed addictions, while also giving new players advice on the various websites of the different bookmakers.

Bookmakers Review is constantly keeping tabs on the latest information and the main events taking place around the world of gambling. It is also an affiliate of some betting companies.

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