Bookmaker.XYZ Register – Easy Sign Up Guide for 2023

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Why You Should Register on Bookmaker.XYZ and Create an Account?

Bookmaker.XYZ is a unique bookmaker which is completely different from traditional ones. It is built using the newest web3 technologies on an open-source platform called Azuro. It is working exclusively with crypto.

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The biggest difference between Bookmaker.XYZ and traditional bookmakers is that it is decentralized, and there is no sportsbook or a bookmaker betting against you. When you bet, your money is locked into blockchain smart-contracts which have predetermined outcomes and let you redeem your won amount after the event finishes.

Bookmaker.XYZ covers only football and esports, but tennis and MMA will be added soon. The betting markets aren’t many, as they have bets only for the full-time result, total goals, double chance, and both to score. Despite that, the odds are pretty competitive.

The bookmaker is new, and they are adding new things occasionally.

The design of the website is clean and practical. They have docs where you can find a lot of details about their service.

Bookmaker.XYZ Promotions – Sports Betting Sign-Up Bonus

Bookmaker.XYZ has no information about certain promotions on the website. It is stated that you can get free bets after you connect your wallet. It is also mentioned about surprise bonuses, but there is nothing fixed and explained.

Bookmaker.XYZ Register: Online Account Creation Quick Guide

Unlike traditional bookmakers, users don’t register to Bookmaker.XYZ as it is decentralized and has no such databases. You don’t need an account to make bets on Bookmaker.XYZ. All you do is connect your decentralized crypto wallet. In the next paragraph, we will guide you through the process of joining and making a bet at Bookmaker.XYZ.

How to Easily Register on Bookmaker.XYZ Sportsbook Online – All You Need to know to Sign Up & Make a Bet.

As we mentioned above, users don’t register to Bookmaker.XYZ as traditional bookmakers. Instead, users connect their crypto wallets.

Step 1: Go to the website.

Go to the website

Go to the website

In your address bar, type “bookmaker.XYZ”, or go through one of the partner links.

Step 2: Open the connection window

Open the connection window

Open the connection window

In the top right corner of the page, you will see “Connect wallet” click on it.

Step 3: Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet

Connect your wallet

There are two options available. Bookmaker.XYZ recommends using the MetaMask wallet, but you can click on “Connect wallet” to choose yours from the list. If you want to use the MetaMask wallet, you have to install the metamask plugin on the browser. Click on “Metamask” on the connection page to install it. If you choose other wallets, you simply connect with a QR code by scanning it from your wallet’s mobile app.

After connecting the wallet, you can go ahead and make your first bet.

Making a bet is similar to traditional bookmakers. You can see the sports section and the events on the home page. After you choose your events, they will be added to the bet slip. Input the amount and confirm the bet.

Payment Methods For Customers On Bookmaker.XYZ Sportsbook

Currently, all bets are placed and redeemed in xDAI. You will need to obtain xDAI to place bets on the Bookmaker.XYZ. For that

Option 1. Buy xDAI by fiat or on a DEX

Option 2. Transfer assets from other networks:

Swap existing tokens to DAI using a DEX (Uniswap, Cowswap, Quickswap, or another DEX).

Bridge DAI from source chain to Gnosis chain with Connext, Hop Protocol, xDAI Bridge, etc.

If you are new to crypto transactions, there are a lot of tutorials that can help even non-crypto people how to make the payments.

Bookmaker Ratings verdict

Bookmaker.XYZ is not a regular bookmaker. It is a one-of-a-kind open-source platform and is built directly into the internet. The service is working very well. It might be a little harder to get familiar with the crypto transactions, but there is no registration or verification needed. It might become the start of a new generation of betting, so we recommend you to try it.

FAQ about Bookmaker.XYZ Register & Account Options

Can I immediately proceed and make a deposit after registering my account?

There are no accounts as such at Bookmaker.XYZ. You can start betting immediately after connecting your wallet.

How Long Does it Take to Register a Bookmaker.XYZ Account?

Connecting your wallet to Bookmaker.XYZ is a matter of minutes.

Using a Bookmaker.XYZ Account when Traveling Abroad is Possible?

You can bet on Bookmaker.XYZ from anywhere if the local law allows it.

Will I be charged by Bookmaker.XYZ to register a new account?

There are no accounts at Bookmaker.XYZ. Connecting your wallet is free.

If I already have a Bookmaker.XYZ account, can I register a new account from the mobile app?

Bookmaker.XYZ doesn’t have a mobile app.

Do I need to register with Bookmaker.XYZ to get the App?

Bookmaker.XYZ doesn’t have an app.

What bonus code should I use when registering to get the Bookmaker.XYZ welcome bonus?

There are no bonus codes or welcome offers mentioned on the website.

How to Contact the Bookmaker.XYZ Support Team to get help?

You can join the Discord channel of the bookmaker. This is the only way to contact them.

How to reset the password to your Account?

There is no password for a Bookmaker.XYZ account.

How to Change Personal Information After Registration?

There is no personal information on the Bookmaker.XYZ website needed, as there are no accounts.

Can I temporarily suspend my account?

Bookmaker.XYZ does not have accounts.

How Can I Permanently Close My Bookmaker.XYZ Account?

Bookmaker.XYZ does not have accounts.

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