Tottenham – Chelsea. Artur Petrosyan’s prediction

12:00/Nov 29 '15

Moscow-based journalist who has worked as the editor-in-chief of the Russian leading sports media Sport Express and contributor to the Guardian, the New York Times and other top media Artur Petrosyan is giving his view on the Europa League match between Liverpool and Bordeaux..

I can’t remember the last time Chelsea went into this fixture as underdogs. And it shouldn’t surprise anyone they are now. I wouldn’t call Leicester the most underestimated team in the league, in a couple of months they’ll be where they should be. I’d call it Spurs. Very well organized, disciplined, confident, sharp. I’m sure Spurs, who haven’t lost since the opening day of the season, are happy that nobody’s really talking about their chances, but they certainly should be considered as Top 4 candidates at minimum.

Chelsea have won a couple of games, but it still doesn’t feel like everyone’s happy and play to their best over there. Plus those who could make the difference like Courtois, Fabregas and Ramires are either out or doubtful.

Spurs are favourites and rightly so. But I’d still prefer less risk to better odds and pick “Spurs Draw No Bet”. It’s 1.73 at William Hill.

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Tottenham - Chelsea
29.11.2015 12:00 \B\S\T
English Premier League
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