Football Bet Of The Day Today – 17/03/2023

Mar 17 2023
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Fouls bet on Friday matches.
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We have predicted a total fouls on a couple of matches on Friday and combined them into one 19.55 odds acca bet.

Nottingham Forest vs Newcastle United

Prediction: Total fouls: Over 21.5
Odds: 1.72
Reason: Nottingham’s last two matches recorded a total over 25 fouls and with Newcastle also a dirty team, the chances of seeing at least 22 fouls before the last whistle are high.

Real Valladolid vs Athletic Bilbao

Prediction: Total fouls: Over 25.5
Odds: 1.87
Reason: The last four times Real Valladolid played against a big name in La Liga, total fouls exceeded 30 and Athletic Bilbao are a big name, hence there’s a chance.

Atalanta vs Empoli

Prediction: Atalanta total fouls: Over 11.5
Odds: 1.82
Reason: Atalanta recorded at least 11 fouls in each of their last five matches, hence they are likely to repeat the same against Empoli.

Sassoulo vs Spezia

Prediction: Sassoulo total fouls: Over 10.5
Odds: 1.67
Reason: Sassoulo recorded over 10 fouls in each of their last five home matches and they could even record over 11 against Spezia.

Lyon vs Nantes

Prediction: Lyon total fouls: Over 11.5
Odds: 2.00
Reason: Only in one occasion out of their last five league matches did Lyon record total fouls less than 10. They are coming up against a stubborn team in Nantes, hence they could give out more fouls.

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