Ashleigh Barty vs. Danielle Rose: Prediction, Odds, & Betting tips, 29/01/22

00:30, Jan 29 2022
On January 29, the final of the Australian Open will take place, in which Ashleigh Barty and Danielle Rose Collins will play. Will Ashley manage to get another easy win?

Ashleigh Barty
Watching Ashley play at the Australian Open, one gets the impression that the Australian does not make any special efforts to move up the tournament grid. It’s pretty easy for her to win at the home major. Barty lost only 21 games during the current competition. In 1988, Steffi Graf won Wimbledon, losing 20 games in the tournament. Directly in the open era, Serena won the match, if I’m not mistaken, giving her rivals 28 games. Ashley has the opportunity to try to update her record. Barty managed to beat Madison Keys (6:1, 6:3).

Danielle Rose Collins
Danielle never ceases to amaze with his stories. Even now, the American girl talks about how she loves and loved to visit public courts, where she is ready to confront absolutely anyone prepared to spar with her. Separately, Collins talks about training with a ball cannon. Whenever she has problems along the way, she remembers that she once trained with a cannon for balls, giving an additional charge of motivation.

Danielle reached the final of a major for the first time in her career. During the current tournament, she beat Caroline Dolheid, Ana Konyukh, Clara Tauson, Eliza Mertens, Alize Cornet, and Iga Sventek. Collins loves to play. When there is a minimum number of unforced errors in her actions, it becomes challenging to stop her.

History of personal meetings
Among themselves, tennis players met four times. Barty won three and defeated Collins once. It was the American who won the last personal meeting.

Betting tip
Ashleigh Barty’s victory is valued at 1.2, and the triumph of Danielle Rose Collins is valued at 4.8.

Predictions and Betting
Watching Barty play, you see how well she controls the situation on the court. Mistakes slip through her actions, but most often, this happens at those moments when she has a margin in the game, and these inaccuracies do not fundamentally affect the balance of power on the court. Collins leads the game pretty well, acting powerfully and aggressively, but mistakes can rain down at any time. It applies not only to actions on the backline; at any moment, an American can begin to make double mistakes or serve the second serve too softly, significantly reducing her speed.

Barty played very well with Keys, but here it is worth saying that the American could not find her rhythm at all. It is the final, and I want to see the struggle and intrigue. Collins can impose a fight on his opponent in this confrontation. She must do this through powerful shots from the backline and a good serve. I do not think it will defeat it, and I play a plus head start on Collins.

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Ashleigh Barty vs. Danielle Rose Collins
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