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Assembly Democratic Leader Peter Barca (D–Kenosha) released the following statement following a vote by the Wisconsin Assembly to approve Assembly Bill 1, which authorizes a $3 billion incentive package for Foxconn:

“When my father immigrated to the United States and settled our family in Kenosha, it was a factory job that gave him the chance to eventually buy his own business and achieve the American dream. But as time passed, manufacturing left my hometown and communities all across Wisconsin. If we can create new good-paying, family-supporting jobs in a high-tech industry, it could give future generations the same opportunities my family had.

“At the end of the day, all politics is local. As I traveled my district over the last few weeks, I spoke with countless constituents and heard from nearly every major local leader in Kenosha and Racine that they supported this plan. That’s why I voted yes today.

“Still, Gov. Walker and Republicans should not mistake my vote for acceptance of their failure to negotiate a better deal for Wisconsin – one that includes significantly greater accountability and protections for taxpayers.

"Our fight to improve this deal is not over. Along with my Democratic colleagues, I’ll work tirelessly to make this a better deal. When this bill reaches the Committee on Joint Finance, we’ll push to reinstate environmental protections, to ensure preferences for Wisconsin workers, contractors, and suppliers, and to make sure that more than the southeastern part of our state benefits from this deal.

"Wisconsin still deserves a better deal.”


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