Julaine Appling and Andr  Jacques

Andr Jacque, right, receives an award from Julaine Appling, left, of Wisconsin Family Action. The group fights gay acceptance by spreading falsehoods that demonize LGBTQ people. WFA also seeks to criminalize abortion and hormonal birth control..

In his campaign against Democrat Caleb Frostman in the hotly contested special election for Senate District 1, Rep. Andr Jacque has been hiding from his long, ultra-extremist record of undermining women s access to health care.

Jacque, the most strident anti-choice activist in the Assembly, has pushed legislation that would have seriously jeopardized health-care access for Wisconsin women including a law banning common forms of birth control.

No one in the Wisconsin legislature is more extreme on women s health issues than Andr Jacque, said Democratic Party of Wisconsin communications director Melanie Conklin. Jacque champions legislation that would have quite literally put Wisconsin women s lives at risk. His backwards and extreme ideas have no place in the state Senate.

Over the years, Andr Jacque has made it his mission to eliminate women s health-care options, taking stances so extreme it even caused fellow Republicans to distance themselves from him. As a state representative, Jacque introduced a constitutional amendment to make all abortions illegal with no exceptions for victims of rape and incest or women whose life was at a risk. He s even voted to curb women s access to birth control, going so far as seeking to ban all forms of hormonal contraception.

Jacque s attacks on women s health care options extend beyond a woman s right to choose. Jacque introduced a bill last year that would have exacerbated Wisconsin s ob-gyn shortage by causing the University of Wisconsin-Madison s ob-gyn program to lose accreditation. According to the American Medical Society, 20 counties in Wisconsin do not have even one ob-gyn doctor, forcing women to travel and miss work for essential services like routine exams, prenatal care and cancer screenings.

Jacque even went so far as to author legislation that would have ended life-saving research being done in Wisconsin. Groundbreaking research on cancer, heart disease, Parkinson s disease, blindness and diabetes could have ground to a halt under Jacque s anti-stem cell bill. And Wisconsin s biotech industry, including the many jobs it supplies, would have been decimated. A UW dean said the bill would make these researchers criminals and their research would be shut down. It s quite chilling.

Andr Jacque s extreme record shows no regard for the health, safety and dignity of Wisconsin women or vital, life-saving research, Conklin said. Instead of listening to his constituents, who just want access to basic health care, Jacque is motivated to eliminate women s health care options at any cost.

The residents of SD-1 want to be represented by someone who values making health care affordable and accessible. Caleb Frostman will go to bat for the right of every Wisconsinite to make the health-care choices that are right for them and their families.


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