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Wisconsin ranks No. 2 … in love for the green-bean casserole

The Wisconsin Gazette

Wisconsin ranks No. 2 on a survey of love for the green-bean casserole, that apparent favorite of Thanksgiving Day side dishes.

Del Monte conducted the survey, which it called the Del Monte Green Bean Index, and released it just days before the holiday, when an estimated 30 million green-bean casseroles will be set upon U.S. tables. To conduct this study, bean counters at Del Monte asked 1,500 Americans to rate their fondness for the classic green-bean casserole side dish.

Wisconsin had the second highest concentration of green-bean casserole lovers, just one percentage point behind No. 1 ranked Kentucky.

Here’s the lineup:

#1:  Kentucky (78% of residents ‘really like or love the dish’)

#2:  Wisconsin (77%)

#3:  Missouri (76%)

#4:  Iowa (75%)

#5:  Maine (74%)

#6:  New Hampshire (73%)

#7:  Florida (72%)

#8:  Colorado (71%)

#9:  California (69%)

#10: Mississippi (68%)

#11:  Oklahoma (67%)

#12:  Utah (66%)

#13:  Kansas (66%)

#14:  Texas (65%)

#15:  Maryland (64%)

#16:  Ohio (63%)

#17:  Massachusetts (62%)

#18:  Illinois (61%)

#19:  Michigan (60%)

#20:  New York (60%).

The company also polled on the top favorite additions to the casserole typically made with green beans, cream of mushroom soup and french-fried onions. And the survey showed:

#1:  Bacon (37% picked it as their favorite secret ingredient)

#2:  Cheese (19%)

#3:  Mushrooms (15%)

#4:  Bread crumbs, croutons, or crushed crackers (12%)

#5:  Almonds (8%)

There you have it. Something to keep the conversation going during the holiday feast.

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