Bookmaking corridors

Dmitry Khlestkin


For example, if one of the bets was placed on total under 2.5 goals, the other should be placed on total over, but not 2.5 – on total over 2 goals. So, if the match sees exactly 2 goals, then the bet that was placed on total under 2.5 wins, and the latter is paid out with 1.0 odds. In this situation, the corridor plays and the punter receives a super profit. If the match ends with any other score, one of the bets will lose, and the second will compensate for the amount of the loss.

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Strictly speaking, the corridor is the same thing as the surebet, but it’s based not on the difference between the odds, but on the difference between the values of totals or handicaps. The corridor doesn’t mean a guaranteed profit, which the surebet provides. However, when it wins, the punter receives super profits, which compensate for his efforts.

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