Lena Taylor

During yesterday’s meeting in the oval office President Donald Trump rejected a bipartisan deal regarding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). The program was originally established during the Obama Administration in order to provide immigrants who had illegally entered the country as minors with work permit eligibility and deferred deportation.

Recently DACA has come under scrutiny by the current administration, but the hostility took a turn for the worse when the President of The United States described Haiti, El Salvador and a plethora of African countries as “s***hole countries.” Nearly 12 hours after the American people were made aware of the vile comments, House Speaker Paul Ryan voiced his own opinion, calling the President’s racist remarks “unfortunate and unhelpful.”

Unfortunate and unhelpful are hardly the appropriate words House Speaker Ryan should have used to describe the latest in a series of rampant racist remarks made by the 45th president. They are however suitable in describing his own downward spiral of a career and failure to address the bigotry and hate so often expressed by this administration.

Once again House Speaker Ryan has put party over country. In his rush to strip away America’s health care and gift corporations tax breaks, Speaker Ryan has shown he will go to any length to protect the president. The lines in the sand that Republicans like Paul Ryan have been drawing for the 45th president will continue to wash away at a rate only surpassed by the House Speaker’s own diminishing integrity.


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