UK teen hacks gambling website, judge says ‘Get a life’


A 19-year old Max Whitehouse from Nottingham was found guilty for making a DDoS attack on a gambling website, Daily Express reports.


Nottingham Crown Court

Whitehouse was only 17 when he used his mother’s Twitter account to announce a plan to attack the bookie, which lost an estimated £18,000 in the aftermath.

The teenager was given a 12 months sentence, suspended for a year.

One of the most prominent British judges Michael Stokes said Whitehouse was living ‘virtual live’, not a real one. “He needed to get out more and play rugby or something. You need to get out more and live,” Stokes said.

When frisking the teen’s bedroom, the police found a stash of weapons purchased online from China, as well as eight knuckle-dusters.

Whitehouse pleaded guilty and was crying after the sentence was read.

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