Udinese – Inter. Tancredi Palmeri’s prediction

19:45/Dec 12 '15

BeIN Sports correspondent and CNN/Rai Sport and Gazzetta dello Sport contributor Tancredi Palmeri is giving his view on the Serie A match between Udinese and Inter.

Solidity of Inter just keeps growing and growing. They don’t care about criticism they’re getting on winning games with a 1-0 scoreline. They know that it all just brings 3 points in the end.  And Udinese, I think, are more focused on Copa Italia as it’s the only trophy they potentially can win and it’s what can convince Di Natale to keep playing as he hasn’t won a single trophy in his career. And, of course, he does want one before going to retire. So I think they’ll be more concentrated on the Cup game they have during a week, and Inter will have a good chance to win here.

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Udinese - Inter
12.12.2015 19:45 \B\S\T
Serie A
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