Sevilla – Athletic Bilbao. Tancredi Palmeri’s prediction

17:15/Jan 09 '16

BeIN Sports correspondent and the Bookmaker Ratings expert Tancredi Palmeri has given his view on the upcoming Spanish Primera match between Sevilla and Athletic Bilbao.

Sevilla against Athletic Bilbao could be a difficult game to read because those two teams usually go for extremely few goals in a game or extremely a lot. Maybe this time it will be an entertaining one because it’s a bit of a play-off for Sevilla especially. Losing today would mean falling minus fifteen points behind the fourth spot for the Champions League which could be a bit of a sentence in the middle of a season for Sevilla. That’s why it will be an open game. Sevilla must look for winning and Athletic Bilbao will accept this pace. Athletic had four over 2.5 goals in their last six away games. But especially Sevilla have the third best home attack and Athletic have the fourth best overal attack. So over 2.5 goals at 1.80 with Ladbrokes.

Single: Lost
Sevilla - Athletic Bilbao
09.01.2016 17:15 \B\S\T
Spanish Primera
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