Roy Jones Jr. – Enzo Maccarinelli. Alexander Belenky’s prediction

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Alexander Belenky, one of the most famous Russian boxing pundits is giving his view on the upcoming fight between Roy Jones Jr (62-8-0, 45 KO) and Enzo Maccarinelli (40-7-0, 32 KO). He expects Jones to win because the fight will take place in Moscow. 

So Roy Jones Jr. gets in the ring again. Now the citizen of Russia, he will fight for the fourth time in nine months. What do you expect from his fight against Maccarinelli?

This is a weird fight on my view. I expect Roy Jones Jr. to win, likely on points. A regular fight for Jones: maybe he will show the former brilliant Jones for the fifteen seconds in each round, but in general it would be all the same. Just the flashes of the old times. But anything can happen in this fight. It’ll be shown on the Channel One Russia, so Roy Jones must win according to all indications.

Are the fighters fully fit for that fight?

There was no time for training for Roy Jones Jr. as he took part in many of the public events. But Maccarinelli also did nothing in the last time. We can admit that the British is tough and about 193 cm high. With all that he is hardly to take a punches. He must win, but we are to remember that the fight will be in Moscow. In Great Britain Maccarinelli would surely win, but there is too much of agio about this fight. And I can believe in Jones’ win. Maccarinelli is in the end of his career and can’t be seen as a sensation maker. In the unofficial ratings he is far from the first fifty. Somewher near Roy Jones Jr.

What are the reasons that make Roy Jones Jr. fight? What is his motivation? Money?

Jones was paid a lot during his career, but he spends the money wild. I don’t know how thing are going now, but two years ago he had a debt of three million dollars on taxes. This guys dream about a big manison, but then they are to pay taxes for it. Remember Tyson? He bought a palace and paid 300 thousand dollars for lawn mowing. And Jones did the same. He spend a lot of money on real estate. He is out of money now. That’s why he moved in Russia.

What can you say about Maccarinelli? He is just in the shadow of Roy Jones Jr., but he was the world champion for a several years.

Yes, he was the world champion before he met David Haye who knocked out him in the second round. After that Enzo’s career went down. Then he lost to Olawale Afolabi and to Denis Lebedev. After some wins he was crashed by Alexander Frenkel in 2010. He had no serious fights after that. So I smile when people say that he is young. He is 35 years old with long hands but he cant take a punch. He is a good boxer. But I’ve explained the reasons to bet on Roy Jones Jr.

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Roy Jones Jr. - Enzo Maccarinelli
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