Palermo – Juventus. Tancredi Palmeri’s prediction

19:45/Nov 29 '15

BeIN Sports correspondent and CNN/Rai Sport and Gazzetta dello Sport contributor Tancredi Palmeri is giving his view on a Serie-A match between Palermo and Juventus.

The main issue for the Bianconeri in this season is being inconsistent. And actually this things have turned around for Juventus because they get four wins in a row including the games in the Champions League so far. Probably they will feel the concequence of the game against Manchester City. But this means nothing because they were very solid and special. On the other side Palermo just changed their manager. They have scrapped a draw in Rome against SS Lazio. But they have not achieved anything that can secure them from Juventus. And Juventus now got the confidence – it’s what they have missed at the beginning of the season. And with confidence Juventus can do everything. So the bet is Juventus to win with odds 1.57 on Ladbrokes.

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Palermo - Juventus
29.11.2015 19:45 \B\S\T
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