Newcastle United – Liverpool. Gabriele Marcotti’s prediction (VIDEO)

16:00/Dec 06 '15

ESPN journalist and the Bookmaker Ratings pundit Gabriele Marcotti is not expecting a lot of goals in the upcoming #BPL match between Newcastle United and Liverpool.

In this game all the bookmakers pick Liverpool as the favourite and we know why. They’ve scored a ton of goals away from home: four against Manchester City and six against Southampton. Everything that Klopp touches is turning into goals. But at home, as we saw in last weekend in the Premier League, they won just 1:0. It’s a slightly different story. And Steve McLaren is a very tactical manager and he will learn from these numbers. Maybe there is a way for him to contain the damage or at least make it tough for Liverpool.

Newcastle United are awful right now, they have conceded eight goals in two games. I can’t see that it will end soon and I suppose it will be boring game. And it is represented by what little value there is – all the bookmakers are extremely short on Liverpool. So we could take this bet – under 2.5 goals for 2.00 on Ladbrokes.

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Newcastle United - Liverpool
06.12.2015 16:00 BST
Premier League
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