Napoli – Inter. Tancredi Palmeri’s prediction

20:00/Nov 30 '15

BeIN Sports correspondent and CNN/Rai Sport and Gazzetta dello Sport contributor Tancredi Palmeri is giving his view on the Serie A match between Napoli and Inter.

It’s a clash between Napoli and Inter. These are two different philosophies of playing. Napoli are statistically good. Inter are very soild. Napoli haven’t conceded a goal in 637 minutes. It would be very levelled, very competitive till the end… 4-3-3 for Napoli and 4-5-1 for Inter, which probably will not have Icardi in the starting lineup. They would have a midfielder choking Napoli and not letting them regroup. It’s all levelled, and every detail could change everything. The teams will have the best eleven, but Inter won’t have Kondogbia and have Guarin instead. The Colombian is bad as a linking midfielder. Guarin will face Hamsik, who is crucial in delivering the ball to Higuain. This light difference can decide the game. So, Napoli are to win, but only with one goal. We choose draw with Napoli (-1). It’s 3.60 at William Hill.

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Napoli - Inter
30.11.2015 20:00 \B\S\T
Serie A
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