Milan – Crotone. Gabriele Marcotti’s prediction

20:00/Dec 01 '15

The ESPN journalist and Bookmaker Ratings pundit Gabriele Marcotti is telling you why you should care about the Coppa Italia match between Milan and Crotone.

It’s the Coppa Italia, so – let’s face it – ordinarily nobody would really care.  But this season it’s different. With Milan out of European competition, this trophy is far more of a prize than it was in seasons past. So while you expect some rotation, it’s not going to be a complete overhaul.  What’s more, Mihajlovic has shown that he’s willing to give every player a chance, which suggests those who do come in will be more motivated and fired up.  Crotone, on the other hand,  are second in Serie B and gunning for promotion. If anything, you’d expect them to let up a bit. Milan should win easily, but there’s not much value in backing them, so you’d do a little better to put your money on the half-time/full-time market at 1.85 with Ladbrokes.

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Milan – Crotone
01.12.2015 20:00 \B\S\T
Coppa Italia
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