Manchester United – PSV Eindhoven. Gabriel Marcotti’s prediction.

19:45/Nov 25 '15

The Bookmaker Ratings expert Gabriel Marcotti expects a lot of goals in the Champions League game between Manchester United and PSV.

Manchester United and PSV Eindhoven in the Champions League for the Bookmaker Ratings. You might recall the first leg when United were all over PSV, quite unlucky to lose. I think they are going out to score. The bookmakers don’t seem to believe that United are capable of being prolific. I don’t think that PSV defend very well at all. I’m picking over on this, in fact over 3.5 goals. It’s 15/8 (or 2.87) and it means it’s a lot of value there.

Single: Lost
Manchester United – PSV Eindhoven
25.11.2015 19:45 BST
Champions League group stage
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