Lokomotiv – Ural. Konstantin Genich’s prediction

16:00/Dec 04 '15

The Bookmaker Ratings pundit and football commentator on the Russian state sports channel Match TV Konstantin Genich gives his view on the upcoming Russian Premier league match between Lokomotiv and Ural.

It’ll be a hard task for Lokomotiv. Ural are a good attacking team, they look quite decent and convincing this season. Spartak lost to them at home and CSKA found them a tough challenge. I don’t think that Lokomotiv will be desperately trying to crush Ural in the first half. The weather is cold in Moscow and I think the game will lack goal-scoring opportunities. I think the second half will see more goals than the first. The odds are good. The players will be grow more tired and will start making mistakes.

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Lokomotiv - Ural
04.12.2015 16:00 \B\S\T
Russian Premier League
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