Lazio – Juventus. Tancredi Palmeri’s prediction (VIDEO)

19:45/Dec 04 '15

BeIN Sports correspondent and CNN/Rai Sport and Gazzetta dello Sport contributor Tancredi Palmeri is trying to guess the outcome of a Friday’s fixture between Lazio and Juventus in Serie A.

Lazio are likely to want a revenge after they lost Coppa Italia Final to Juventus last year. But this is a completely different situation.  Juventus have silenced the doubters that were disappointed with their earlier form, and are now riding a wave of confidence and are putting in good performances consistently.  Lazio are struggling in their worst form. Filipe Anderson won’t be taking part in the game. Paul Pogba will be suspended too. This is one of few things that Lazio could capitalise on. Maybe a mismatch between Candreva and Chiellini will also help them. But the thing is that Juventus have now dispelled every possible doubt about them throughout this season. They are now in full of confidence. Mandzukic, who is in good form, will be playing head-to-head against Mauricio. This could be a winning point for the Juventini. So, 2.25 for Juventus at William Hill seems an extremely likely outcome.

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Lazio - Juventus
04.12.2015 19:45 BST
Serie A
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