Daniel Jacobs – Peter Quillin. Alexander Belenky’s prediction

03:00/Dec 06 '15

Alexander Belenky, one of the most famous Russian boxing pundits is giving his view on the upcoming middleweight WBA title fight between Daniel Jacobs (30-1-0, 27 KO) and Peter Quillin (32-0-1, 23 KO). He suggests that the challenger Quillin has more chances to win.

I think that Peter Quillin will win this fight likely on points. But I can’t be completely sure. Jacobs has beaten cancer and gain my sympathy. He is a brave man. But Quillin is more efficient. It will be the fight of two rival competitors with a little advantage to Quillin – 60/40. I’m not suggesting to bet a lot of money on this fight because of high risks. The bookmakers also make Quillin a favourite. He is a good boxer and Jacobs is not a bad one. They both have strong characters. It will depend on luck – both can make a good punch first.

Russians can remember Jacobs because of his loss to Dmitry Pirog in champion’s fight. This is his only defeat at all. But he made a lot of KO’s in his career. Now he will not have any advantage in physical conditions. Quillin seems to be more tough. There are champions for ages and there are short time champions as Jacobs. I think he will lose to more powerful challenger with a good punch. Quilling is more harmoniuos. There’s no chance for Jacobs to win on points.

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Daniel Jacobs - Peter Quillin
06.12.2015 03:00 \B\S\T
Middleweight WBA title fight
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