Celta – Sporting Jijon. Konstantin Genich’s prediction

22:00/Nov 28 '15

The Bookmaker Ratings expert and football commentator at the Russian sports channel Match TV Konstantin Genich considers a host team to score more goals in the second half in the upcoming La Liga match between Celta and Sporting Jijon.

Celta are playing at home against Sporting Jijon which are the team who can park the bus. Not far ago Atletico Madrid defeated Sporting Jijon with great difficulty. I think that Celta will also struggle in this game because they are now loosing their conditions. They have lost two games in a row and the one against Valencia looks very dreadful by the score. Then Celta have lost to Deportivo La Coruna in Galician derby. They were very unlucky with the own goal and missed penalty. And now they are to worry against Sporting Jijon who have lost to Levante in their last game conceeding three goals in the first half. Abelardo Fernandez, the manager of Sporting Jijon will work the team not to conceed at the very begining. I think that they will play very defensively because it’s very simple strategy in away games. They can stay with the eight men on their half and try to counterattack with Halilovic in front.

I don’t know when Celta can split Sporting’s defense but I hope it will happen in the second half. And the first half will be less effictive. So I suggest to bet on Celta to score more in second half.


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Celta - Sporting Jijon
28.11.2015 22:00 \B\S\T
La Liga
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