Cadiz – Celta. Alexander Vishnevskiy’s prediction

19:30/Jan 07 '16

Russian journalist, living in Spain, Alexander Vishnevskiy has given his view on the upcoming Spanish Cup match between Cadiz and Celta.

Cadiz have managed to come through Real Madrid and are now facing another opponent from Primera. For Cadiz, Copa del Rey is the main event of the season. For Celta, it is la Liga that is most important. However, the Galicians came to Cadiz (the oldest city in Europe, by the way) with their strongest roster. However, many of the key players of Celta will be out of the starting lineup, as the leaders are needed in the league matches. It is important to remember that this is two-leg encounter, and therefore Celta will keep in mind their home match, so there is no need for them to win at all costs. Therefore, Cadiz are capable to play with dignity in front of their fans and not to lose to Celta. Cadiz rarely score or concede more than one goal per game. In their last five home matches in the third league, Cadiz never conceded a ball and in the first three stages of the Copa del Rey, they beat each opponent with the same score 1:0.

Of course, these were matches with opponents much weaker than Celta, and if we remember the first match of Cadiz against Madrid (later annulled), they made a mistake with offside trap in the third minute, which resulted in a goal by Denis Cheryshev. But mistakes happen, especially against Real Madrid.

Therefore, I was attracted to bet that the first half of the match will be without goals. The odds on that are very good.

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Cadiz – Celta
07.01.2016 19:30 \B\S\T
Copa del Rey
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