Bournemouth – Manchester United. Gabriele Marcotti’s prediction

17:30/Dec 12 '15

ESPN journalist and the Bookmaker Ratings pundit Gabriele Marcotti is giving his view on the upcoming #BPL game between Bournemouth and Manchester United.

It’s a very tough time for Manchester United after a big psychological blow of getting out of the Champions League. And what can Luis van Gaal do now? He should look at positive sides and try to get three points in the Premier League. The key for him is to try to keep getting points and wait for the situation to improve. It makes me think that they will play a little more safe than Bournemouth.

Bournemouth by the way were pretty good against Spurs, and pretty good at home all season long. And for that reason I can expect a draw here. And maybe something like a draw in both halves. You can get that with Ladbrokes with the odds 4.75.

Single: Lost
Bournemouth - Manchester United
12.12.2015 17:30 BST
English Premier League
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