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1 place
David Gibson
1035 Bank
1 tip
2 place
Serhii Volnych
1000 Bank
0 tip
3 place
Ethem Qato
1000 Bank
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4 place
Cái Bang
1000 Bank
0 tip
5 place
Darren Gilbert
1000 Bank
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6 place
Stephen Venables
1000 Bank
0 tip
Advice and rules

We at Bookmaker Ratings, along with William Hill, are pleased to present our new cash prize tipping competition ‘The Tipster’. The competition is open to all and offers a prize pot of £1000. In addition, there is also a paid tipster position among our team of experts up for grabs.

Before deciding to participate, we recommend that you read the following:

Terms & Conditions

1. To participate in the competition, the entrant must be registered on our site and agree to participate in the competition. To register and take part simply click on the ‘Enter Competition’ button on this page.

2. The competition will take place from 21/02/2017 and run for exactly one month.

3. The competition takes into account all tips published by participants on the ‘User Tips’ section (including tips which are not approved for adding onto the main page of ‘User Tips’). Participants will be ranked by the amount of money in their bank at the end of the competition with the first prize going to the participant with the largest amount. The prize fund is £1000, while we are also offering a contract to work as part of the team of experts/tipsters at Bookmaker Ratings.

4. A percentage of the overall prize fund will be given to the first six places. The contract to work as a tipster on our site will be given to one of the top six finishers, but will not necessarily be given to the participant who finishes in first place. We will take into account the overall quality, literacy, tip reasoning and member activity of the top six contestants.

Distribution of the prize fund will be as follows:

1st place = 30% (£300)

2nd place = 25% (£250)

3rd place = 15% (£150)

4th place = 15% (£150)

5th place = 7.5% (£75)

6th place = 7.5% (£75)

If, at the end of the competition, two or more participants have an identical amount in their banks, the winner will be determined by the number of tips written in the competition (e.g. the participant who writes the most will win).

6. To be eligible for prize money, the participant must publish at least 10 separate tips during the duration of the competition.

7. To be eligible for the prize money, a participants’ final bank must be greater than their starting bank. If it is not then the prize shall not be issued.

8. Participants must only use William Hill odds for their tips. If a participant doesn’t adhere to this rule, we reserve the right to disqualify them.

9. Prizes will be transferred to participants via Skrill, PayPal etc.

10. Any user who participates in the competition will have a profile added to William Hill’s database.

11. Participants must be of legal gambling age in their country of citizenship (e.g. 18 in the UK). We reserve the right to request a copy of the participant’s passport or any other document proving both their age and identity. We reserve the right to disqualify any entrant who violates this rule.

12. Participants from Armenia, Israel, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Greece will not be able to enter the competition. This is because these countries do not have access to William Hill.

13. Only one account is allowed for each person participating in the competition. If a participant has two or more accounts (multi-accounting) and is taking part in the contest, we reserve the right to disqualify the participant.

14. We reserve the right to disqualify any participant or group of participants without explanation if we suspect that the terms and conditions are being abused or if participants aim to obtain an unfair advantage.

15. We reserve the right to remove a tip from the competition if it is not justified, if the write-up is not legible or if it contains incorrect odds, spam, advertising or links.

Competition Rules

1. Each participant receives a starting bank of £1000.

2. Tips with odds lower than 1/2 will not be accepted. There is no limit on maximum odds.

3. No more than three tips can be given on a single event.

4. Participants are not allowed to advise two or more tips that are essentially the same. For example, if a participant advises ‘Barcelona Win/Draw Double Chance’ in a match between Barcelona and Real Madrid, they cannot also advise ‘Barcelona +1 Handicap’.

5. Publication of a tip after an event has started is prohibited. This means that in-play tips are not permitted.

We reserve the right to disqualify any participant who violates any of the above rules.

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Rules of contest
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