The man who changed sports betting history. The Bookmaker Ratings’ EXCLUSIVE with Vegas Dave

Dmitry Khlestkin

If I understand correctly, you specialize in two sports – baseball and (American) football. Less is better?

I have the ability to handicap all sports, however, baseball and football are my specialties. Overall I am known as the “Baseball King”. I have posted 125 wins and 3 losses over the last 3 seasons for my system plays. I predicted the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series at 30-1 odds. I made sports betting history by winning 2.5 million off a $100,000 wager in week one for them to win the world series. This ticket is documented on my website

Photo from Dave's Facebook profile

Photo from Dave’s Facebook profile


Do you remember your first bet?

My first bet was in Hawaii 15 years ago for $100. Back then $100 was a huge bet to me. Fast forward 15 years later I’m placing bets between $20,000-$100,000 per game.

Everyone has heard about your last big win. Tell us about your humiliating defeat. I don’t really have any humiliating ones, although I do have some losses that I can still remember. Two years ago in week one, I predicted the Florida Gators in college basketball to win the championship. They were at 28-1 odds and unranked at the time. The Gators ended up being the number one team in the country but lost in the final four to UCONN as a 10 point favorite. If Florida had won the championship I would have collected $600,000. At the time that would have been my largest pay out.

By the way, could you remind us about your big win? Have you spent the money?

I set two sports betting records all within 30 days. The first one was the biggest future cash ticket in sports betting history, $100,000 to win 2.5 mil on Kansas City Royals. Two weeks later I won the biggest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) payout in sports betting history. I bet $20,000 on Holly Holm against the undefeated champion Rhonda Rousey. That win paid me $240,000.

I am currently investing my money in real estate, as well building my parents their dream home.


You have your own “axiomatic” betting rules, which would like to share with other bettors?

I cannot teach you the secrets of my trade, however, I can share some tips for fellow gamblers to follow.

1.  Do not chase (if you lose don’t keep playing over and over and over again)

2.  Select one or two games a week and only play those.

3.  The most important thing is money management and discipline.

4.  It takes lots of hard work, dedication, and studying. I watch over 50 hours of sports per week.

Overall, what people do not understand is, that to be a professional sports bettor you need 50% skill and luck and 50% money management and discipline. Just like in body building, its 50% weight training and cardio and 50% nutrition.

I did not become a professional until I learned discipline, how to manage my money correctly and learned not to chase (this is what most people lack.)

I teach all of my players money management and a unit system on how to wager when they sign up to my program.

The difference between other handicappers and myself, is that I consult for over 3,000 players worldwide. Not only do I give out the picks to the players I also back up my bets with my own wagers (anywhere from $20,000-$100,000 per game) all documented on my website


What do you focus at when choosing a bet on a particular match? Does the rule of “first right solution” work for you?

Most handicappers study only trends and statistics. I am a visual person when I handicap my games. I have my own sports book in my house with 7 TVs. I watch over 50 hours of sports per week, so that I have an in depth understanding of how the teams are playing currently and how they are expected to play in the weeks to come.

As we know, online betting in the US is still banned. Do you think this is a mistake from the US authorities?

Yes, I think this is a mistake because millions and millions of dollars are spent on sports betting every weekend which is money that the government could tax to improve our economy.

What does it mean for you to win money? Does it make possible to invest in other areas, or it’s just paper?

Money allows me to have financial freedom and time freedom. Working a 9am to 5pm job was never for me. I was born to be an entrepreneur. I invest in two things, my own picks (all my wagers are on my website) and in real estate.

You do not have any complexes and actively share in your social networks pictures of your winnings (lots of money) and the cool cars. Is provoking the others is your style of behavior?

My social media presents a lifestyle that you can have if you are successful in my line of work. My homes, as well as my Ferrari and newly purchased Bentley are completely paid off.

Glamorous life in Las Vegas, is it your personal fairytale come true?

When I moved to Las Vegas from Hawaii I had high hopes of becoming a millionaire. Living on an island in Hawaii I had limited opportunity. I have accomplished way more than I had initially expected when moving to Las Vegas. So yes, to answer your question my fairytale dream did come true.

Sooner or later, all winning streaks end. Are not you afraid that even the strict rules of betting will not help you one day and you’ll start losing, which will deprive you of all the money?

No, I am not worried at all. The gambling industry will not decline, I believe that it will only increase. Most Americans gamble. Playing the stock market and investing in real estate are also considered gambling. Gambling and sports are a part of the American Culture, and I do not see that changing any time soon.

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