Targaryens to be restored on the Iron Throne, say bookmakers

Pavel Lokhovinin

The betting was closed before the begining of production for Season 6 so that on-set spoilers couldn’t influence play. Before the premiere these bets will soon be paid and now we can find out who got the most and least bets and how the odds were set.

Jorah Mormont was given 5.00 to be the first to kick the bucket by Bovada.lv, because he really is a man with nothing to lose. Coming in second is Alliser Thorne at 8.50, which was understandable because Jon Snow’s murder will surely be avenged. But punters disagreed with that possibility, and it was Tommen Baratheon who received the most bets as the next valar to morghulis. Maybe it happened because of the prophecy which was given to Cercei by the witch in the woods (that she would outlive all of her kids).


Last on the list of who will perish next, with the lowest odds and highest potential payout, is Daenerys, at 76.00. The only listed character to receive zero bets was Jaqen H’ghar, maybe because he’s the Faceless Man, so people felt he’d be hard to kill. Jon Snow wasn’t even given odds for this line – there’s a chance he’s already dead, and if he isn’t, surely he wouldn’t be miraculously saved or reanimated just to pass on five minutes later.

TV STILL -- DO NOT PURGE -- episode 510 -- GAME OF THRONES, titled "Mother’s Mercy." Pictured: Kit Harington as Jon Snow Photographer: HBO

Jon Snow: dead or alive?

In a question of who might rule the throne, bookmakers and gamblers agree: Jon Snow is a safe bet. First he was ranked as second-most likely, but he got so much action that he then went up to first on the list. He swapped places and odds with Daenerys Targaryen, who was installed as second favourite by players.


If we see nobody on the Iron Throne at the end, all bets will be returned.

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