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Here’s a list of bookmakers who are licensed by the Federal Tax Service of Russia, which is the regulator for gambling in Russia. Organization and carrying out of gambling in betting shops are only possible on the basis of the license on all territory of Russia. At the moment about 30 betting operators hold the indefinite license. Here's a register of bookmakers in Russia ( - page in Russian). As our Bookmaker Ratings includes only betting companies who are presented online, below is a list of the Russian bookmakers who accept bets in Internet and are presented in the register of licensed bookmakers who can legally carrying out gambling in Russia. Note: Online branches of Russian betting companies are usually registered in offshore areas. Despite both online and offline branches commonly having the same parental company, they are usually not connected juridically. The reason for this lies in the specificity of the Russian Law which allows ground-based betting shops, but does not allow their online branches.
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