License Regulatory authority for online games of France (ARJEL) - bookmakers

Here’s a list of bookmakers who are licensed in France. ARJEL (Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne) is the regulatory authority for online games in France. It's an independent, administrative body created by the French Gambling Act of 12 May 2010 on the introduction of competition and sector regulation of gambling and online gambling. In contrast with many European countries, where there's no special legal enviroment for gambling, France opted for a unique legislative framework aimed to ensuring the protection of players' rights and the safety and fairness of gambling operations, fighting against fraud and money laundering. All licensed online operators (there are no more than 20 at the moment) must be registered under .fr domain and have the right to offer sportsbooks betting, horse racing betting and online poker games. Unlicensed gambling operators are put on a black list.
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