Rocket Paloma

Rocket Paloma is expected to release its debut full length album sometime this spring. 

It’s been a great year for Milwaukee progressive-folk-rock band Rocket Paloma, and they aren't losing momentum any time soon.

Following a very successful year in 2017 with the release of their debut EP Rocket Paloma, the band has been relentlessly playing shows around Milwaukee, including a spot at PrideFest on the Milwaukee Record Stage and two upcoming performances at Summerfest on the Rebel Stage and the Johnson Controls Stage. It should no longer surprise anyone when they look at a Milwaukee festival lineup and see the name Rocket Paloma.

Somehow, amidst the chaos of their insanely busy performance schedules, the band has found the time to release a new single titled “Ghosted.”

Recorded and mixed at Howl Street Recordings by Shane Hochstetler and mastered by Carl Saff, “Ghosted” is a riff-heavy embodiment of the band’s seemingly endless energy that keeps them appearing on stage time and time again.  

Right out of the gate, the four-minute-and-ten-second track kicks off with an undeniably-catchy guitar riff that’s called upon throughout, setting the pace for the funky rhythm section that kicks in shortly after. Vocalist Joanna Kerner’s powerful voice cuts in, showcasing her ability to keep up with the grooving rhythm section as she pushes the threshold of her vocal range in a way that immediately overshadows the band's other 2018 release "Say Your Prayers." Kerner’s vocals enter low with a bite, but as the song begins to build up to its explosion of an ending — where the funky riffs of the band begin escalating and colliding in an epic cacophony —  she elevates her voice into an opera-like howl.

“Ghosted” is a song about heartbreak, but not in the traditional sense. The lyrics go from hopeful to delusional, as Kerner voices a desire for a lost lover that quickly descends into a delusional appetite for reigniting that love — however intangible that might be. “Love is so short, but forgetting lasts for miles,” Kerner repeats in the refrain.

“Ghosted” is the first single released off of Rocket Paloma’s upcoming debut full-length album, which is expected to release in September of 2018. If “Ghosted” is any representation of what’s to come from Rocket Paloma, there’s much more to see of the band’s evolving progressive songwriting.

Listen to "Ghosted" below. 

Rocket Paloma performs at Summerfest on July 4 at 3 p.m. on the Johnson Controls Stage and on July 8 at 5 p.m. on the Rebel Music Stage. The band will also perform at Come Back In in Madison on July 7 and Saloon on Calhoun as part of the Amplified Artist Sessions on July 12.



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