Rare Prince mixtap announced for Record Store Day 2019
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Prince's rare mixtape 'The VERSACE Experience' is being released on cassette for Record Store Day 2019.

The exclusive record - which was originally distributed as a promotional cassette in 1995 for attendees at Paris Fashion Week - included special remixes, segues, and sequencing overseen by the late pop icon himself.

'The VERSACE Experience: PRELUDE 2 GOLD' - set to drop on April 13 - has been recreated by The Prince Estate, NPG Records and Sony Legacy Recordings to bring the historical release to a whole new generation of fans.

The original release included remixes of 10 of the 15 tracks which would end up on 'The Gold Experience', including very rare versions of 'Gold', 'P. Control' and 'Eye Hate U'.

In 2016, an original copy of the sought-after album became the most expensive cassette ever sold on the collectors site Discogs when it sold for £3,075.

Donatella Versace - who was one of the original recipients of the album - previously said: "He didn't just influence my work, he epitomized what Versace stands for: Creative, fierce, daring, extraordinary."

Record Store Day itself is a global celebration of physical music and "the culture of the independently owned record store", with bands all over the world treating fans to special releases.

By releasing the mixtape on its cassette format, the collection will retain the unique spirit of the original by going against the event's usual trend of artists bringing out special vinyls.

Meanwhile later this month, Prince fans will also be able to honor the 'Purple Rain' singer's legacy at the 'CELEBRATION 2019' four day event at his Paisley Park home and recording sanctuary near Minneapolis.

The annual gathering will be held on April 25-28, featuring live music, panel discussions, screenings of classic concerts and special presentations looking at the cultural impact of the star.

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