Michael Jackson wanted 'thousands' of own kids
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Michael Jackson wanted "thousands" of his own kids and planned to be cloned and cryogenically frozen when he died.

The late King of Pop's former chauffeur, Al Bowman, has claimed that he took the singer and his personal doctors to a three-day convention hosted by the Raelian movement - which believes the key to eternal life is cloning - to discuss being "reanimated" after his death to have more "little Michael Jackson's running around" in the future.

Al told The Sun Online: "He [Jackson] bounced out of that conference - I heard him telling everyone in the back of the limo how he wanted to be cloned and frozen after his death.

"He didn't care how much it cost - he wanted to be reanimated, to live forever. I remember he was so excited that there could be thousands little Michael Jacksons running around - he was smiling and laughing.

"He wanted them to take his cells and clone him - he was really in to this stuff, you could hear the excitement in his voice."

Al, 60, claimed that Michael's pal and illusionist, Uri Geller, also went along to the Raelien cloning event to talk about the "freezing of cells".

He added: "I had driven Michael Jackson several times over the years but this time I actually got the job through a friend who told me that Jackson was planning to go to this Raelian cloning event and he didn't want to fly because it was a large group.

"So I picked them up in this 12 seater Hummer that I was actually looking after for a friend and it wasn't the normal sort of Michael Jackson crowd - this wasn't dancers and publicists - it was scientists and doctors.

"I remember that his friend Uri Geller was there too. Their conversations on the way there were all about cryonics, cloning, freezing of cells - all this scientific stuff."

The 'Bad' hitmaker's driver also explained that the convention was "mind-blowing" and thinks there is a good possibility that Michael is actually frozen at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation "cryonics facility" in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Al continued: "There are people who think he is one of the people in Scottsdale in the below-zero nitrogen metal tubes they have in the cryonics facility there.

"Having heard how excited he was about this whole thing I think there's a good possibility he is cryogenically frozen. He believed in reanimation, he was a reanimator."

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