Account suspension at William Hill – 1 November 2015

Groundless USD 55 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

This text was translated from Russian, the original punctuation was kept.

There was a following problem:
I made a deposit and started playing; I lost several bets, decided to withdraw the remainder of the deposit; that is, I did not win anything and just wanted to TAKE MY MONEY BACK.
Of course I was not allowed to do this; they respond with questionable statements, frankly nonsense, referring to the proceedings of the sports committee, the match I bet on was Wang – Lapentti; it has been about 10 months since the match ended,nothing has happened, no money was returned!

here’s an extract from support service’s report…

Lyubov: I have checked your inquiry. Your account on our website is closed.
Andrei Senchenko: for what reasons?
Lyubov: At the moment, we still have not received updates regarding the suspicious activity in the betting on the event | Jimmy Wang | | vs | | Giovanni Lapentti |
Andrei Senchenko: I have a decent amount of money in the account
Lyubov: This case is being considered by sports committee that deals with such issues, and, until we receive the official result, we are unable to make a refund or to settle the bets on the event.
Lyubov: Unfortunately, the consideration of such cases may take some time, and we cannot give you a precise time when the question will be resolved; and we can’t speed up this process either.
Lyubov: We understand that waiting for the ruling is a subtle question for our customers, but unfortunately, we can not return the funds in such cases, as long as we are not told that the investigation was completed and there had been no suspicious betting in this game
Lyubov: As soon as the sports department answers us regarding this bet, you will be immediately informed by e-mail.

BR comments:

Security Service has informed the punter that the match is being investigated on suspicion of being fixed. We cannot speed up the investigation. The player can contact a lawyer if he does not want to wait.

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