Account suspension at Betfair – 19 June 2015

Ignored USD 3.9 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

This text was translated from Russian, the original punctuation was kept.

Hello! I opened an account with Betfair on 29.05.2015. On 3.06 I made a $3940 deposit, and without making a single bet I had my account closed. Then they asked for identification. I sent them scanned copies of all the required documents (with bet365 all the documents passed on the first try), but Betfair requested photos of the copies. After I sent the photo they said it was of poor quality. I made several new photocopies, but Betfair just stopped answering my letters. I can’t withdraw the money from the account, because it is closed. What should I do next here?

This is a response from Betfair:
Thanks for your letter.
As required by internal control department, please send additional copies of the documents in good quality, taken with a digital camera.
Also, please include your active phone number to confirm the data.
If you have any questions or problems, please contact us, or visit the Help section.

BR comments:

The Bookmaker Ratings has studied the complaint of the player, but Betfair does not respond to us on the complaints. The companies that refuse to discuss with us the details of the complaints don’t get a grade higher than “3”. But considering the good reputation, exceptional benefit brought to professional players, and rare complaints, we made an exception for the betting exchange Betfair.

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