Payout delay – 850 EUR – Bet MIRA – July 18, 2016

Sum of the dispute: EUR 850

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

Hy, i have a verified account on Betmira, I waited for the letter for a few weeks and I had previuos withdrawals. Now I have been waiting for a withdraw of 440€ for 14 days, while it states in their terms that a withdraw takes up to 5 days. And today I got this email from them:
Our betting room Bet MIRA doesn’t welcome «arbitrage players»,we limit their opportunities as much as possible. Persons, suspected in such fraud actions, will be thoroughly checked, also for them we will set individual terms of withdrawing funds . Therefore, we ask these players not to ignore this warning, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Now they locked my account, where I have another 400€ and I keep on waiting for my withdraw of 440€

BR's comment:

User has successfully withdrawn his balance. Complaint solved

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