Payout delay – 17 EUR – – July 17, 2016

Ignored EUR 17

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

I just wanted to tell you about my story with Tipobet,The industry is working for Bulgarian customers already and they are using as bookie for Bulgaria, Turkey and other companies.The headcompany is which company is registered in Germany.From 2 months i am playing in Tipobet and deposited at least 7-8k EUR total via Ecopayz.This week i began to win and finally at Friday i reached my target from 17k EUR after a win in Austrian game Wiener-Ritzing you can see also my winnings from the game which total were 17k EUR only from this game.After i had exactly 53.717 TL in my account(17k EUR) i tried to withdraw 10k TL via ecopayz as i used only them as deposit method.To unlock it, i contacted the live support and said them that i want to withdraw money.They said, okay, you can withdraw it.I waited 10 minutes and tried to log in but Surprise, i didn’t have contact there and contacted the Live Support immediately.They wanted my ID and Passport immediately which i sent and they said me to contact them tomorrow(today) to give me more infos about my account.I contacted them today at least 5-6 times, wrote them e-mails and they repeat always the same:,,Please be patient and wait for the e-mail of our support. Your account is under investigation bla bla.”One of the motives which they have is that i used 2 different IP’s but i explained how it was.At Thursday morning i logged for last time from Germany and at the evening i was in Bulgaria and logged in there and placed my bets.I can provide the MAC addresses etc.I hope you can help me to solve the problem with the head company tipobet which is registered in Europe.Take care 🙂

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