Payout delay – 1200 USD – Betmira – July 12, 2016

Solved USD 1.2 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

Hi there,

unfortunately I have to write a complaint about Betmira.

I made a deposit there and won at least over 1.200$. I thought, that I can withdraw some Money after the verification process. But not with Betmira.
For the verification I had to send my ID-Card, a proof of address and a selfie with my ID. But that is not enough for Betmira.

They want me to send another selfie. A selfie with a letter, sent by Betmira, and a code. No Problem, I thought, I will just wait some days and send the selfie.
But not with Betmira. They said the letter was sent at 10th of June.
Today is the 12th of July. Nothing still. And my min. 10 mails within the last month were just answered with Standard phrases. (“Please be Patient. It can take up to one month.”)
One month? I could deliver any letter by bike anywhere in one month.

So all in all: No letter, no verification, no Money, scam bookie Betmira

Kind Regards
Marcel Schröder

BR comments:

Player has withdrawn his balance. Complaint solved.

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