Account suspension at Bet365 – 7 November 2015

Ignored USD 1.8 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

This text was translated from Russian. The original punctuation was kept.

Hello! A few days ago I made a bet on a sporting event. My bet won, and my bank balance increased from $1000 to $1800. The balance was updated. After a while I decided to withdraw my winnings. Everything began normally, the amount was ordered for withdrawal. A few hours later, I went to check my withdrawal. Instead, I saw that my balance was minus $1800. Also, there was no pending withdrawal anymore. I immediately wrote to the support service and was told that they had incorrectly settled the bet. It could not be true; I watched the live broadcast at their website. The support said nothing more than “wait”.
The next day I was not able to sign in with the account. This has been going on till now. The support says that at the moment my account is being reviewed. And they have no further information for me. I sent them a letter asking to return my bet and no longer have anything to do with the bookmaker (there are many other bookmakers with good reputation and assessed at four). But I have not received any response.
I would write to the support 10 times a day – they have nothing to tell.

I duplicated the complaint to their English site, but at the moment have not received any answers from them.
Please assist me in this matter.
I am sure that they are happy to get the money that we are losing, but are reluctant to give us any winnings at all.

BR comments:

The Bookmaker Ratings carefully examined the complaint and sent a request to the bookmaker. Unfortunately, Bet365 refused to disclose the details of the dispute, citing the confidentiality of the data. In response to our request, a representative of the bookmaker promised to get in touch with the player and discuss the issue.

Since we cannot control the process of settlement of the dispute, the assessment of the bookmaker had previously been downgraded from “5” to “4”. The companies that refuse to discuss the details of the complaints with us don’t get a score higher than “3”. But, considering good reputation, exceptional benefits brought to professional players and rare complaints, we made an exception for Bet365.

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