Balance confiscation – William Hill – December 1, 2015

Groundless EUR 3.7 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

Dear Bookmarkers-Team,

want to write you about how william hill is denying my cashout (3.700 Euro) and is bullying me for a small mistake i made out of boredom and just not thinking clearly. But lets start with the case. william hill wanted a telephone bill from me (normal adress verification), at this time i had lost my login details for my mobilphone provider and i changed the date from an old bill (i still had on my personal computer) to a date in the present, printed it out and sent the photo to william hill. clear mistake obv on my part, but what happened since then is really ridicoulous and I am very desperate after 2 weeks waiting and very afraid I will not get my money from william hill.after i sent the wrong document, they replied the bill is fake, but after corresponding with WH they said I can sent other (non edited) documents to them to verify my account. that was on first of november. i sent them 3 mobilphone bills+other photos of my passport. then they said, they need pictures of the bill + my face, and passport + my face. so i sented them the photos also. after 1 day they replied and said quality isn’t high enough (obv it was high enough to clearly see EVERYTHING). but okay, i sented them new photos with HIGHEST resolution. then they said, they got the adress verification now and handed it over to the security department of william hill. Photos are absolutely okay obv, no editing etc. bills obv real, did everything what they asked me to do. every document is available now, and in their hands. did everything they asked me to do. that was on 2nd of November. Since them ive contacted them twice, and they always reply “we cannot say how long it will takes until your matter is gonna be resolved. please be patient, until we get answer from the security department. we will inform you via mail”.

then this week I was getting the message that they decided to freeze my account and keeping the 2k I cashed in + the 1,7k I won. Reason is: “we are not able to see that the documents are real”, in german:

“Sehr geehrter Herr Ravaii,
Wir bedauern, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass wir nicht in der Lage, die Authentizität der letzten Dokumentation, die Sie uns zur Verfügung gestellt haben, zu bestätigen.
Da wir keine gültigen Unterlagen, die unsere Betrugsprävention regulatorischen Anforderungen erfüllen, erhalten haben, bleibt Ihr Konto gesperrt und das Geld eingefroren.
Das ist eine endgültige Entscheidung.
Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns, wenn Sie Unterstützung benötigen oder weitere Fragen haben. Wir kümmern uns gerne um Ihr Anliegen und finden schnellstmöglich eine passende Lösung für Sie!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ihr Kundendienst Team”

— I sented them a mail if they can explain to me WHAT EXACTLY is wrong with the latest documents, as Ive done everything they wanted. No reply. Can you help me or is my case hopeless? 🙁

Greets Keyvan

BR comments:

Company requested documents from the punter. This is a standard procedure.

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