Balance confiscation – 2369 EUR – 1Xbet – March 15, 2017

Processing EUR 2.4 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

I have a 1xbet account since more than a year, i lost about 5000 euros overall. I made a lot of deposits and a lot of withdrawals without any problem.
For the first time, i won real money in February, about 800 euros. They locked my account (with a balance of 2369 euros) when i tried to make a withdrawal.
They asked me every documents you can imagine : selfie holding document with email image, as background , proofs of my deposits …
I send them everything ! They made me fill out 2 claims where they ask me my favorite sport, my profession …
And now they ask me to send them by post to a russian address photocopies of documents i already gave them …
They are playing with me. I made some research on the net and i found out many customers who got scammed by 1xbet but unfortunately it was too late for me.
2 weeks later i made the decision to send them the documents by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt.
I sent the letter the 04/03. It’s in Russia since the 08/03. I hope it will be delivered very soon.

With regards,

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