Account suspended – William Hill – March 20, 2016

Groundless EUR 706.36

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.


First of all I’d like to thank you for your fantastic website. I’ve been using it for a long time to find info about bookies and as a general source of information about betting.

I’d like to inform you about my ordeal with William Hill and hope you can somehow help me solve it.

It started back in early November 2015, when I made an account at William Hill and deposited 1000€. I should point out I had never registered at WH before and this is my first account there. I made some bets on basketball, hockey etc and won. I still had a few pending bets as well but decided to withdraw my entire balance at one point, with some bets still pending as I was confident some of the pending bets would win. I withdrew €959,95 by bank transfer. This was the same method I used to deposit the money.

To be able to withdraw, they obviously asked me to verify my account so I gladly sent them a copy of my passport and a bankstatement. This was obviously to their complete satisfaction as a few days later I received the withdrawal into my bank account.

By then I had won some of the pending bets and my account balance was now 706.36€. I also noticed at this point I could only bet a few euro at a time…they obviously did not like me winning like that so I decided to withdraw the rest of the balance as I have no interest in only betting a few euros each time.

This is where the ordeal started. Despite the fact they allowed the first withdrawal without problems, they asked for verification documents again. I happily sent them again. After that, they asked for a selfie while I was holding my passport. I sent it. After that, they asked for a selfie while I was holding a proof of adress. I sent it. After that, the passport selfie had a problem, so I made another one and sent it again.

We are now a grand total of 4.5 months down the road, I have sent them a total of about 15 high resolution selfies holding my passport, driving licence, various bank statements and electricity bills…and there is still “something” wrong with them!

All in all no problem, but they refuse to tell me what is wrong with the pictures!!! I have asked time and again to tell me what I should change about them…so I have sent them pictures while I was laughing, frowning, pictures holding the ID next to my face, under my face…several ones with a different background…nothing helps!

On top of that, I have now been told by a supervisor TWICE that the verification was OK and I did not need to send more documents only to hear the exact same problem reoccured the next time I asked them where the withdrawal was at in the only chat. “The documents are not ok sir, please send them again”.

I have asked them to do a live videochat skype verification. They do not reply. I have been told the account is verified, however management needs to “check” the account and I will be contacted within 24-48hours. 1 week later, after contacting them again, I need to send another selfie as there was something wrong with the previous one. After doing that again, I hear the selfie with me holding my electricity bill is approved but there is something wrong with the one where I hold my ID…I make a new one in high res, send it…only to hear there is a problem with the one where I hold my electricity bill.

Mind you, all is done by chat as they flatly no longer reply to emails.

I seriously, 100% believe they will continue to “find a problem” with the documents untill I finally give up. There is no way a serious company would make me go through all this without at least telling me what to do differently in my selfie pictures after allowing the first transfer to go through without a problem but I also believe I am at a dead end and do not know what to do anymore.

My latest chat was with “Rona”. Rona said, after I sent her 2 selfies, there was a problem with the selfies I sent last time (the ones which were 100% approved by a supervisor) that she would “escalate” the problem and I would be contacted by email. I can now, positively 100% guarantee I will never, ever receive and email from them and will have to contact their livechat again only to hear I should send new selfies because they cannot approve the other ones. I’ve heard it before. At least 5 times. EDIT: it has been 6 days since this last chat and up untill now, I have not been contacted…I decided to hold off the complaint for a while to confirm I would not be contacted.

This livechat, by the way, I believe is also somehow “rigged”…as I often have 50 to 70 people “waiting” before me and it sometimes takes up to 3 hours to actually get in contact with them. You can imagine how miserable a client becomes after waiting for 3 hours only to hear the selfies which were approved last time have now somehow magically become NOT A-OK again and the entire thing will start over.

I am now fed up, it’s taken 4.5 months and I’m going nowhere…I ask you to please contact William Hill on my behalf and ask them to tell me what the problem is. I’ll happily provide any document or selfie they ask for…I’ll do a videochat…I’ll do a phonecall…anything…but they have to tell me what the problem is with the documents I’m sending so I can correct the problem.

Included a bunch of selfies I sent to them along with my latest chat with “Rona” (pasted below). I know you cannot force them to verify an account but you can maybe ask them on my behalf what exactly the problem is or maybe even give a hint about new selfies I should take if you look at the ones in attachment to this mail.

My username is Rensie10 and I used the above email to register.

Thank you very much for reading and have a great day,

Kind regards,


Rona: Hi, you’re speaking to Rona. How may I help you?
Rens Janssen: Hi Rona, good afternoon
Rona: Hello
Rens Janssen: Last week, I uploaded all the documents to verify my account. They were approved, but the account had to be looked at by management. I was told this would take about 48hrs so I’m checking in to see if everything is ok.
Rens Janssen: My username is Rensie10, BD 19 Jan 1994 and Robben is my favourite player.
Rona: Thanks for verifying the your account.
Rona: Please allow me a few minutes to check.
Rens Janssen: Sure, thank you
Rona: Thanks for patiently waiting.
Rens Janssen: no problem
Rona: Upon checking your account, your documents forwarded last does not met our standard verification checks, therefore your account is still suspended.
Rens Janssen: I was told all documents were approved by a supervisor last week. He specifically told me I did not have to send other documents.
Rona: Looking at your account it stated here that we are still waiting for the copy of your ID showing your face.
Rens Janssen: Please check with the supervisor, this was uploaded last week.
File attachment upload has started.
The file highresselfie2.PNG (1898.03KB) was received.
Rens Janssen: I uploaded that document. He approved it.
File attachment upload has started.
Rona: Please allow me a few minutes to check.
The file selfie-rijbewijs-newhighres.JPG (1223.46KB) was received.
Rens Janssen: Just in case, here is the one with my driving license.
Rens Janssen: Sure, no problem.
Rona: Thanks for the documents.
Rona: I will escalate this now as your previous ones was not accepted.
Rens Janssen: oh
Rens Janssen: these are the same ones though
Rens Janssen: I believe
Rens Janssen: would you be so kind to check?
Rona: I need to escalate this as we have dedicated team who will check this.
Rens Janssen: ok sure
Rona: Is there anything else I can assist you with?
Rens Janssen: No that’s ok. will you transfer me or what do I have to do now?
Rona: You will be contacted. I will escalate this after this chat
Rens Janssen: ok, by email?
Rona: Yes.
Rens Janssen: ok, thank you for your help.
Rens Janssen: have a good afternoon
Rona: You’re welcome.
Rona: Thanks for contacting William Hill. If you need anything in the future, we are happy to help.
Rona has disconnected.

BR comments:

Player is sending fake documents.

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