Account suspended – parimatch – December 26, 2015

Groundless EUR 109.18

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

My incredible story with I am a small bettor who has never had a problem with a book.
Until I met
This is an “exotic” book. Register was a mistake.
To begin, I sent a copy of my ID card. Their response: “provide Response
letter in the best quality of Your ID-card”. Strange because this copy
is perfect and has never been denied. I should have beware at that time.
So I sent a copy of my driver’s license.
I made a first deposit of €100. After many losses, I redeposited €100.
And suddenly, my account was blocked.
I should mention that my 2 deposits were made with virtual credit cards.
I guess you know: cards usable only on internet, which serve only once.
The ultimate security.
Parimatch ask me to prove that the virtual cards are mine. I sent them a
screenshot of the program with which I can generate virtual cards. My
name and digits of virtual cards appear (see attached files).
Overall, I sent them 19 documents !!
Now, they write: ” “provide us the documental proof that you have opened
virtual cards with bank’s signature. You have your bank account so Bank
has to give you this document”. They want a signature from my bank but
my bank can not know the digits of my virtual credit cards. The bank
know only the digits of my real credit card because it is my real credit
card who is debited. Only the number of my real credit card appear on my
bank statement. I can not give them a document who does not exist !
Maybe my bank could give me this document but it would be a false !
Numbers of virtual cards are private !
The situation is blocked as long as they do not want to understand that
a virtual card number can not appear on a bank statement.
I asked them to refund my Neteller deposits but they do not reply. I
deposited €135 with Neteller ( 3,2% fees ! ) and it remains only €109.18
on my balance. And my rollover is €277. This money has nothing to do
with my credit card deposits that were lost with my bets. And they asked
me to make another deposit with Neteller when they wrote “To resolve
this situation You need to make a deposit with electronic payment
system”.I listened naively. My account was locked and I could not use
this last deposit !
I am desperate because €109.18 is a very large sum for me, small bettor.
Their English is deplorable, it is difficult to understand, they do not
know the politeness, they are slow to respond or do not respond at all.
I bent all their requirements and do not know what to do. They are crooks.
Please help me!

BR comments:

The player has to send bank statement as proof of address.

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