Account suspended – – June 7, 2016

Ignored EUR 1.5 K

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

Two months ago I verified account. I sent my ID to [email protected], and they wrote back that I can order the withdrawal and I verified account.
I had on my account about 300 euros and 100 withdrawal. Withdrawal was no problem.
When I won over 1000e and commissioned the withdrawal of about 400 e, They started to make problems. They were once again all documents. I even sent my proof near face !
After sending documents, I had to fill some questionnaires on their website. After taking everything they tell me to post my documents to Moscow, This is ridiculous.
Now, he speaks to me, only the machine and responds keep the same to my questions.
If you want any attachments to e-mail me.

BR comments:

This bookmaker is listed as 2 star rated on our ratings. Our review of this bookmaker states that punters should avoid using their services as they are known to be unreliable. Additionally, they do not accept us as an intermediary and therefore there is nothing we can do about this complaint unfortunately.

We recommend that punters only use bookmakers with a rating of 4 and above. These can be found here.

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