Account suspended – 185 USD – Betfair – March 15, 2017

Processing USD 185

Spelling and punctuation of complainant are preserved.

Hi,I registered at betfair on February 22nd, before depositing any amount, I sent the documents all there to check the account, it was all good.
Day 25 or 26 I made the first withdrawal, and to my surprise, the next day I go to my betfair account and say that the account was closed, and they did not pay me anything.
I went to talk live chat, and they said they notice suspicious activity in my account, I asked but they did not say what activities.
Well, after the account has already been verified, they have asked me again proof of address and new phone number, I have already sent and did everything again.
They said they would contact me when they checked the account again, this was four days ago.
I already have the account closed 20 days ago, and do not even pay me.
Even worse is not knowing what happened to the account, when I registered for the first time here.

If you could help me, it was fantastic.
Thank you

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